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Position Discovery

Our Search Launch involves extensive discovery work directly with your hiring manager, to hone the position's objectives, attitude & talent needed to succeed & essential technical expertise. We don't stop there in our 2+ hour initial meeting. We then work with you to build your case for attracting the most qualified candidates.

Passive Sourcing Focus

You want to field the best team available. We set our search target on the best qualified passive candidates in your industry, or in related industries that have comparable expertise, contacting them directly. This requires finesse and persistence. The rewards to you justify this effort.

Intensive Screening

You realize your time is too valuable to waste; you only have time for candidates meeting your launch objectives. Relax. We screen for both the qualitative and quantitative attributes you articulated in our discussions, presenting to you only those candidates that cut mustard.

Interview Coaching

Not all your team members know how to interview your candidates. Here's where we assist you in clarifying the role of each interviewer and the measurement criteria that will be consistently used to assess their suitability for your key opening.

Staying Informed

Ongoing communication with your prospective candidates in vital to sustained your recruiting effort. That's why we are speaking with prospective hires, sharing updates with you in our weekly calls and ongoing messages.

Successfully Closing Candidates

Closing candidates is an ongoing activity, from the time we made initial contact to acceptance. It is not a one-time event at the end of interviews & assessments. It's also not all about compensation, which is where we don't want a candidate to be focused.

Why Engage Informative People to Build Your Impressive Team?

Informative, Collaborative Approach

Close, collaborative teamwork with our clients has been our mainstay since 1995. This approach is vital for us to get the right candidate hired for your short & long-term needs. We have a 9 point process that starts of with a 2 to 2-1/2 hour conversation with your hiring manager. A shorter session may appear more convenient for you, but our intensive launch session saves you and your firm considerable time in the long run.

Superior Candidate Selection

You only see and hire the best candidates available for the job, so you can meet your time-sensitive project deliverables, realizing profits sooner. You also reap the rewards of candidates capable of growing into more responsible roles.

Reasonable Pricing

We eliminate your guesswork on recruiting charges, offering a flat-fee for our committed services. You save money by not resorting to low-yield job posting services & the high cost of a dedicated recruiter handling the toughest of your technical staff and management hires.

Excellent ROI

Your time to hire is compressed, reducing team pain & increasing morale; wasted management cycles interviewing inadequate candidates is eliminated; and hiring candidates we present that can be promoted over time further lessen your overall hiring cost.

Your Guarantees

Our two written guarantees to you: If we feel your need is beyond our reach, or unrealistic, we won't launch your search at any price! If we can't present two screened candidates whom you deem worthy of interview within 28 calendar days of launch, you can cancel your contract with us & receive your deposit back. Doesn't this seem fair enough for you?

Our Strengths

Can Your Team Command a Successful Recruiting Mission?

Our Engineering Focus

We place capable leaders and engineering staff in firms like yours that can design, build, service & refine hardware or software products. These are critical positions needing immediate attention, so you can be and remain successful in your market space. We recognize your pain and give the same effort in selecting candidates & managing the recruitment process as you give to building your products.

We Understand Your Technical Concerns

We've placed engineers in your industry, or in related industries, for over twenty years, knowing what concerns you have when making staff selections. This helps us build an informative dialog, framing better questions to clarify your needs, as well as attract, screen, present and close candidates on offers for you.

We are Relentless Finding Well-Qualified Candidates for You

We devote all the resources needed to deliver candidates meeting your specifications in a timely manner. Quite honestly, we have a thrill of the hunt for a candidate meeting each of our client assignments. Our energies devoted don't expire! We want you to be genuinely pleased with our service and hope that your toughest choice may be whom to select from a strong panel of candidates we've provided.


I worked with Minda on two critical director-level searches for the mobile organization at Sephora. In both cases, we were thrilled with the outcome. Unlike most other recruiters, Minda strives to understand the ecosystem in which a candidate will work, as well as the problems and imperatives of the enterprise. Whereas most recruiters deliver resumes with bullet points that match job descriptions, with Minda you get candidates that are likely to be a good fit in skill, style and business personality. This requires an investment of some time up front, but it saves time in the long run. For anyone looking for a good fit and an investment in quality staff, rather than just a warm body, I highly recommend Minda.

James Erb

Director, Mobile Technology
Minda is one of the best recruiters I have worked with. She invests substantial energy and time to understand roles for which she is recruiting, as well as substantial energy and time to understand each candidate’s top touch points. Candidates would do well to pay attention to her insights on how to have a leg up on others vying for the same position. Many talk about the value of curated, personalized experiences. Well, Minda delivers an incredibly personal, customized hiring experience that provides the best fit for the candidate and the company! Great listener, great communicator. Keeps everyone apprised in real time. Strongly recommended.

Hanford Choy

VP Engineering
Minda is a delightful person to work with. She has maintained a very high level of integrity, reliability, and trustworthiness in a field that I'm sorry to say has a large number of temptations for compromised individuals.

Luke Teyssier

Sr Principal Engineer, Technology Company

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